3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners!

3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners:

This is the year you will manifest your quilting dreams! We are going to help get you started the right way. Before you ever touch a sewing machine, you have to have a plan, right?  You’ve probably read several articles about what to do or what tools to get but no one has a resource like this one. In this article you will find 3 unique tips that demystify the quilt planning process.  After reading this article you will be able to plan a quilt, choose fabric and see how the finished quilt will look before buying one stitch of fabric. You will end up buying the correct pattern for you and the perfect fabric in the right amounts so you can start making your first quilt with confidence.  Sound good?  Let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Make a game plan using Quiltster.

Let’s cut right to the chase. Quiltster takes the guesswork out of quilt planning.  One of the scariest things about making quilts is wondering how it will turn out. With Quiltster, you will be able to visualize the finished product which results in less guessing and more confidence is your choices.  

  • Sign up at Quiltster.com (Select either monthly or annual subscription)
  • Select a Pattern
  • Select a Fabric Collection (Pre-loaded collections or swatches you’ve personally uploaded into the system.)
  • Place fabric in each section of the pattern.  
  • Get a yardage chart for your finished project! (Now you know exactly how much to buy or how much to use from your stash!) #MoneySaver #TimeSaver #NailedIt
Building in Quiltster
Choosing fabric for the Summer Solstice pattern using Quiltster.
Quiltster Image
Quiltster generated image of Quiltworx Summer Solstice pattern colored in Quiltster using Timeless Treasures Wildflowers Collection.
Me and My First Quilt2
Finished Quilt!!

Helpful video tutorial resources:

Quilt Planning of the Past:

Pinning swatches to design boards or using colored pencils, while fun, don’t give you a complete picture of how each fabric will really look in your quilt.  What if you spend the time using colored pencils, then you change your mind about one color?  Or what if you cut a small swatch from your precious fabric to pin on a wall?  Now you’ve cut up your fabric and you still don’t really know what the end result will be. With Quiltster, you can simply select a different swatch to instantly see how the fabric would look compared to another swatch.  The intricacies of the fabric design will also display accurately so you get the full picture.  Talk about fool proof planning!

2. Choose the right pattern!

You probably want something simple, yet a bit challenging.  The following patterns allow you to practice the same steps over and over to help build your new skill set.  Quiltworx offers several Quiltster available beginner patterns including Prismatic Star, Cactus Flower Table Runner, and Prickly Pinecones Tree Skirt.

  1. Prismatic Star is all the same block and the seams are all straight.  The pattern is built with smart corners and it also has no Y-seams, even though you are building a star.
Quiltworx Prismatic Star Pattern

2. Prickly Pinecones Tree Skirt has simple cutting instructions, easy units to sew, smart corners, and registration lines for very simple assembly.

Quiltworx Prickly Pinecones Tree Skirt

3. Cactus Flower Table Runner is a table runner so there are not very many pieces that have to be made.  The blocks are introductory blocks for paper piecing, and it’s a popular beginner class for Quiltworx Certified Instructors.  It also teaches a block that is used in several other patterns designed by Quiltworx.com.

Quiltworx Cactus Flower Table Runner

Note: All three patterns are available to color in Quiltster.  Patterns can be purchased from your local quilt shop or direct from the manufacturer.

Tip #3: Play with Fabric!

Go to your local Quilt Shop! We all know that part of the fun of quilting is going to your local quilt shop and admiring the thousands of colorful bolts.  

The big question: How do you choose a handful of fabrics out of literally thousands of options without getting overwhelmed?  

The answer: When you see a fabric you like, upload it to Quiltster and try it before you buy it!

  1. Use the Filter & Search feature in the Fabric Stash to see if it is already in Quiltster. If so, click the little heart to save it as your favorite! ❤ Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.48.39 PM2. If it is not in Quiltster, take a picture using your mobile device and upload it to Quiltster right then and there.
    3. Find a comfy spot in the store or grab some lunch nearby and get to Quiltstering!  Use the swatches you’ve uploaded to create the perfect colorway and use the yardage chart to purchase only what you need!  

Go ahead and get your hands on some fabric!  Caution: Handling fabric may ignite a lifelong obsession with fabric hoarding. #FabricIsLife #NeverTooMuchFabric 

Sign up at Quiltster.com to start planning your next quilt today!

Every quilt has a story, the best ones begin with Quiltster.

Beyond Quilt Planning.  What comes next?

Check out your local quilt shop to find out if they offer classes.  If you’re interested in foundation paper piecing specifically, there are shops and instructors who are certified in Judy Niemeyer techniques who offer classes across the country.  A list of Quiltworx Certified Shops and Instructors for the United States, Canada and Australia can be found here

Happy Quiltstering!



Learn more about Quiltster. #QuiltsterTips #Quiltster #MyFirstQuilt #BeginnerQuilt


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