3 FUN Ways to Use Quiltster

3 FUN Ways to Use Quiltster

  1. Plan before you buy!

Choose that pattern you’ve been eyeing and create a colorway you love before you purchase materials! 


      2. Fabric shopping 2.0!

On your next trip to your local quilt shop, snap pictures of fabrics you enjoy, then find a spot in-store or grab some lunch nearby and create a colorway using the fabric pictures you took.  Bring the yardage chart back to the quilt shop with you and get the pattern and fabric that you need for your new project!


      3. Memory Quilt and Calculating Fabric

Memory quilt – use pieces of clothing or other fabric from a loved one you want to remember or from an event you want to cherish, take a picture of it and upload it to Quiltster to use in a project.  Even it if is a small piece that you are using in one area, the yardage chart will let you know if you have enough!

Used woman's clothing in a store.


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