Tips for Uploading Fabric

Before you start:

  1. Check the Fabric Stash!

Use the search field in the Fabric Stash to see if your fabric is already in Quiltster! Here is a video and blog post about these features.

2. Prepare your swatch!

Grab your iron and get to pressing!  Remove all creases, wrinkles, thread, pet fur, etc. from your swatch.  If you can see it in your picture, you’ll see it in your quilt and that’s no fun!

Take a picture:

Lay out your fabric on a flat clean area such as a table or pin it to a wall and take a picture!  Whatever you see inside the frame of the photo, you will see in your quilt.  If you can see the edge of your fabric, rulers, fingers or anything other than fabric in the frame of the picture those things will show up in your finished project and you don’t want that! Make sure there are:

  • No shadows
  • No edges (the fabric fills the frame completely)
  • No fingers
  • No wrinkles
  • No lint or thread
  • No rulers

You may want to test with different variations of light to see which photo best represents the color of your fabric.  Too much or too little light may vary depending on the fabric or device you use to snap the photo.

Here is an example of an incorrect photo of a swatch.  As you can see there is a very obvious shadow.

Fabric Dont Shadow

When used in a project, the shadow is very apparent and takes away from the overall look of your quilt.


When photographed correctly,  without the shadow, the fabric will represent correctly:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.59.52 AM

Taking a picture with a smartphone or tablet:

  • Log into Quiltster
  • Go to the Fabric Stash
  • Click “Create New Fabric”
  • You may either take a photo or you may select an image from the gallery on your device.
  • Enter Fabric Details
  • Click “Save”

Taking a picture using a scanner:

  • Cover entire scanner screen with fabric and scan.
  • Remove fabric from scanner.
  • Grab a ruler and measure the fabric to the repeats. Make sure the length and width measurements are the same to get a perfect square.
  • Open the scanned digital image, find the same place on the fabric that you’ve measured and crop the digital image to match.
  • Upload to Quiltster using the swatch size you physically measured.
  • Tip: Swatch size is one single number be it whole or decimal. For example, if you measure a square that is 8.5″ x 8.5″, you would enter 8.5 as your swatch size.

Entering Fabric Details

On the Fabric Editor page, you will see a preview of your swatch along with detail fields.  The name of the field is written in blue.  Under the name is gray text.  Enter the fabric details over the gray text.

  • SKU – If you don’t have the SKU/Name, label the swatch anything you like. Remember, only YOU can see fabrics that you upload.
  • Company – If you don’t know the company, label the swatch anything you like.
  • Swatch Size – This is important! Swatch size tells Quiltster how to display your fabric when you use it in your project.  You don’t want large print to look too small or vice versa. Lay out your swatch and look for the point where the pattern on your fabric repeats itself. Measure the length and width in a perfect square as close to the edge of the repeats as possible. This is your swatch size. For example, if you measure a square that is 8.5″wide by 8.5″ tall, you would enter 8.5 as your swatch size.
  • Click SAVE to complete uploading!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.25.10 AM

Viola!  You have just uploaded your own fabric into your stash!  You can find all fabric you have personally uploaded into the system inside the Fabric Stash (and Block Editor) under the drop down “Mine” then “My Fabrics”.

Here is a helpful video showing steps on how to upload a swatch from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Now go ahead and start building your digital fabric stash!

Happy Quiltstering!