Create Your Dream Stash! New Features!

We’ve all been there. We’re walking through a quilt shop desperately wanting to bring home every beautiful bolt we see!  Quiltster makes it possible to not only bring home every fabric you love, but now you can find a specific swatch easier than before and get to planning your next quilt a lot faster!  Check out these new search, filter and favoriting features that will help you build the fabric stash of your dreams!

1) Filter and Search – Quickly find that perfect swatch!

  • Use the drop down filters or enter a whole or partial SKU in the search field.
  • Features located in the Fabric Stash, Block Editor and Yardage Chart.

There are 3 filters:


  • “My Fabrics” which is anything you have personally uploaded into the system.
  • “My Favorites” which is any swatch you have marked as your favorite.

All Manufacturers

  • A list of all manufacturers represented in Quiltster.  Sort by “All Manufacturers” to bring up every pre-loaded swatch in Quiltster’s Fabric Stash.  Or sort by an individual manufacturer to see all swatches from that company.

All Collections

  • When you select a manufacturer from the manufacturer filter, all the collections on this list will change to match that manufacturer.

On the right you’ll find:

Clear Filters Button

  • Click this button before performing a new search to clear all previous search history from both the filters and search field.

Search Field

  • Search by company name, collection name or SKU to locate an individual swatch.
  • Make sure to click the “Clear Filters” button between each search to get the best results.
  • Hint: Quilt Shops might show a slightly different sku than the manufacturer.  For example, the shop show may show a SKU as “TTC3704-CAYENNE” but the fabric manufacturers SKU is “JN-C3704-Cayenne”.  In this case, “TTC3704-CAYENNE” would deliver a “No Fabrics Available” result.  However, if you remove the prefix and enter any of the following combinations you will find the correct fabric:
    • C3704-Cayenne
    • C3704 Cayenne
    • C3704
    • Cayenne

2) Swatch Favoriting – Build your own perfect online fabric stash! ❤

  • Click the heart icon on any swatch to start building your stash!
  • Access favorites in the filter “Mine” then “My Favorites”.
  • To remove a swatch from your favorites list, un-click the heart.
  • Feature located in Fabric Stash and Block Editor.

3) Yardage by Block – Get yardage for each individual section of your quilt!

  • Go to the Yardage Chart from the Project Editor page then select “By Block”.
  • Feature located in the Yardage Chart and Print Page.

Check out all these new features live at and build your dream fabric stash today!

Every quilt has a story, the best ones begin with Quiltster!  #TellYourStory

Happy Quiltstering!