Worx Sessions with Judy Niemeyer: Amethyst

Get ready for this!  Quiltworx is offering their first ever free online teaching video series called Worx Sessions.  Judy Niemeyer will show you how to make her new quilt, Amethyst, on the Quiltworx YouTube channel.  There will be workshops in September, October and November.  Here’s everything you need to know about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

What is a Worx Session?  Watch the video here.

Amethyst Commercial

How to Prepare:  Watch the video here.

Amethyst Prep Video

How to Customize Your Own Colorway for Amethyst in Quiltster

Amethyst templates are located in the pattern library under the Queen Star Mixer Series.

Watch a tutorial on how to color the Amethyst pattern in Quiltster by clicking here.

Amethyst Coloring Video

Where to Buy a Pre-made Kit

If you would prefer to purchase a pre-made kit, you may do so from any of the shops who co-host this event.  Go to the Worx Sessions Facebook Event Page and click on the list of co-hosts to select a shop to contact.

Cohosts List of Shops

Get caught up!

Here are the Worx Session from September 15th 2018.

Amethyst Worx Session: Moon Star Block Part 1 Cutting and Stacking

Amethyst Worx Session: Moon Star Block Part 2 Piecing and Assembly

Share your Amethyst projects with the Quiltster Gallery or post it to Facebook and tag us @Quiltster so we can see!!

We hope to see you there!